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Get a complete security overhaul for your website AND get better search engine rankings for $499!


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The Story of Human Bagel

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Human Bagel Logo

I am commonly asked the origin of the name "Human Bagel."

Until now, I wanted to leave it as a mystery, but the overwhelming number of you that want to know should be told- I suppose.

It all started back in 2004, I was an evil high schooler looking to do some evil things to the school network. It was to be my first righteous hack.

There was one problem- I needed a handle. I wanted to identify myself without my own name.


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The Cupcake Paradigm Part II

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Its been several months since the original Cupcake Paradigm post came out, and I have formalized some additional information.

Yes- Yes, the position of a cupcake can be used to induce a bad decision.

The names of the (psuedo) innocent have been changed for this story.

A month after the original cupcake paradigm was released, I began to formulate a plan. I wanted to see how psychologically powerful the draw of cupcake position was.

So- I hatched a plan. I searched far and wide for commercial cupcakes with foil w


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What does real hacking look like?

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This is a requested post from some people outside of the field curious about hacking.

We all know what hacking looks like on TV, epic 3D realms, police chases, spiffy colored screens, and exciting battles with network admins. It looks more like geometry wars than development.

If this was what hacking was like, it would be a much more popular hobby.

The sad reality is that hacking involves more tedium and left over Chinese food than anything else.

So, let me walk you through a typical hacking experience.



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The single greatest threat to internet security

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We all know about this blight of the internet- flashing, annoying, irritating, often misleading ads all over the internet.

They are not relevant, useful, or even respectful. They are often misleadingly malicious, utilizing fake user interfaces to confuse the unsavy crowd.

These flash advertisements are the number one greatest threat to the security of end users everywhere, and by extension, the entire internet.

Not only to they mislead, scam, and confuse, but they often utilize exploits in Internet Explorer to install malware on v


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